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"I can't recommend the Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Surface Pattern Designers & Illustrators course enough! Diane's teaching style is phenomenal – each video is short, easily digestible, and packed with straightforward tutorials.

There's no fluff or rambling, just pure, practical guidance and advice. The tutorials are clear and concise, making it easy to follow along and learn. Thanks to Diane, I've learned so much about Photoshop and feel confident in my design skills. This course is a


— Ray Wong

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


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Course Curriculum


Getting Started 

Navigating around the platform

Installing Photoshop - Trial Link & Info 

Course Resources & Links 

Tell Me about you: What are your goals 

Student Survey 


Introduction to this course  

Welcome to this course! 

Course Overview 

Types of Artwork We can turn into a Seamless Pattern 

Deciding what artwork to Create into a Seamless Pattern


Module 1: Introduction to Surface Pattern Design 

What is Surface Pattern Design? 

Overview of Common Surface Pattern Designs in History 

Categories for Surface Pattern Designs 

Overview of Common Surface Pattern Design Compositions 

Pattern Discovery Worksheet 

Pinterest Boards 

Creating a Mood Board in Photoshop


Module 2: Introduction to Photoshop 

Introduction to Photoshop Interface and Navigation 

Mastering Photoshop Tools 

Exploring Panels and Menus in Photoshop 


Module 3: Understanding Layers and Masks 

Introduction to Layers and Layer Organization 

Understanding Layer Masks Layer Masks walk through  

Enhancing Designs with Filters and Blending Modes 

Bonus Video: Layers Organization Example 


Module 4: Mastering Selection Techniques  

Mastering Selection Techniques Overview 

Mastering Object Selection Tool  

Lasso Tool and Marquee Tool 


Module 5: Exploring Image Editing Tools  

Clone Stamp Tool & Practice Assignments 

Advanced Image Editing Techniques 

Enhancing Designs with Filters and Blend Modes 


Module 6: Digital Painting Techniques and Creating Seamless Patterns

How to Create Color Palettes in Photoshop

Setting Up Your Pattern Document in Photoshop

Digital Painting Basics in Photoshop and Brushes Overview 

Painting a Pattern in Photoshop & Filter Offset Method Process Walkthrough Editing/Stitching Your Painting into a Seamless Pattern

Testing Your Pattern in Photoshop as a repeat 

Flowers Tutorial - Client Project Walkthrough 

How to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop

Gathering Design Motifs and Smart Objects 

Homework - Learn 7 Different Pattern Compositions 

Saving Your Patterns - File Management - Uploading to POD sites

Module 7: Advanced Color Manipulation 

Understanding Color Spaces and Channels 

Mastering Color Adjustment Techniques in Photoshop 

Advanced Color Blending and Harmonization 

How to Create Color Palettes in Photoshop as a Repeat 


Module 8: Adding Textures and Effects  

Adding Textures and Effects in Photoshop  

How to Add Textures to Your Artwork in Photoshop - Artwork Demo Layer Styles 


Module 9: Refining and Perfecting Your Designs 

Exporting for Print and Web with Photoshop  

Refining your pattern in Photoshop

Intro to Generative AI in Surface Pattern Design 

Practical Application - Using AI for Pattern Generation 

Advanced Techniques and Tips for AI-Enhanced Designs 

Using Ethical AI in Artwork, Licensing, and Controversial Topics 


Module 10: How to Use Mockups in Photoshop 

Different Types of Mockups & Importance of Using Mockups in Photoshop 

How to Find Mockups 

Creating Your Own Mockups in Photoshop 

How to Use Pre-Made Mockups 


Module 11: Creating a Portfolio  

How to Present Your Work into Pitch Decks 

Printed Portfolio Book Walkthrough 

How to Present Your Work in Keynote 

Creating a Portfolio Page Layout in Photoshop

Homework: Create Your Own Portfolio in Photoshop 


Module 12: Continuing Growth and Learning  

Continuing Your Growth and Learning  


Bonus Material! More Pattern Techniques  

Turn Your Sketches into Seamless Patterns - Procreate to Photoshop  Turn Your Vector Artwork into a Seamless Pattern - Photoshop Process 


Bonus Mini Course 5 Videos Mastering AI-Driven Textures and

Seamless Patterns in Photoshop 

Introduction to AI-Enhanced Seamless Patterns 

AI-Driven Textures for Enhanced Surface Patterns 

Crafting Seamless Patterns with Generative AI 

Advanced Techniques for Pattern Variation and Adaptation 

Introduction to Adobe Firefly and Navigating the Interface

Some Benefits of taking this course:

1. Comprehensive Learning Journey:

Start with the basics and advance to expert Photoshop techniques. Each module builds on the previous one, covering everything from surface pattern design to advanced digital painting and AI-enhanced designs.

2. Practical, Hands-On Training:

Engage in real-world projects and assignments. Learn to create seamless patterns, use smart objects, add textures, and refine your designs, ensuring you can apply these skills immediately.

3. Exclusive Bonus Content:

Access bonus material on advanced pattern techniques and AI-driven design, including AI-enhanced textures and Adobe Firefly. Plus, utilize resources like mood board creation and portfolio development to present your work professionally.

4. Community Support:

Join our exclusive community group where you can share your work, get feedback, and connect with fellow designers. Benefit from a supportive space that fosters learning and collaboration.

About Diane

Diane Pascual, a San Diego native and luminary in Advanced Photoshop Techniques for Surface Designers and Illustrators, is your go-to guide for elevating your design game. With a rich background in graphic design, an MFA in Visual Development/2D Animation, and a diverse portfolio including collaborations with Hasbro Studios and Skechers USA, Diane brings a wealth of experience to the table. 


Her creative journey, influenced by surf and skate culture, led her to found The Gypsy Goddess, a brand capturing the free spirit of the '70s in modern digital art. As a digital entrepreneur, Diane not only sells her vibrant tie-dye patterns on platforms like Redbubble and Society6 but also creates and shares digital design tools, empowering fellow creatives with Photoshop Brushes. 


Diane's impact extends beyond individual creations; she has licensed patterns to Shein and collaborated with Adobe, showcasing her as a sought-after artist. Through her YouTube channel, she fosters a supportive community, offering weekly tutorial videos to aspiring artists. 


Join Diane on this exciting design journey. With her passion for boosting efficiency and profitability, she invites you to unlock the full potential of Photoshop and create stunning seamless patterns for your art. Embrace the future of design alongside Diane Pascual.


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